Using Windows Server 2012 VHD with VMware Player

After searching on the Internet I found a pretty decent way to get an environment for testing tools and databases.  So here is a small tutorial how to use a Windows Server 2012 VHD with VMware Player.

1. Download the VHD-File from . Pay attention that you download the VHD-File and not the ISO and you also have to register.

technet evaluation center windows sql server 2012 download

2. Download and install the VMWare Player, i.e. you can get it Heise. I think the newest version should be something arround 5, but i have an older version so it might look slightly different.

vmware player gui

3. Click on „Create a New Virtual Machine“ and then select the last point which says „I will install the operating system later.“

vmware player new machine

4. On the next screen select „Microsoft Windows“ as operating system and „Windows Server 2012“

vmware player-os

5. Give your Virtual Machine a name and a location where it is stored.

6. In the menu for the disk capacity select „Store virtual disk as a single file“ and set the disk space low because we will replace the disk anyway.

vmware player-disk

7. On the last screen select „Customize Hardware“ and change the settings to your requests. Your VMWare Player should now have an new entry.

vmware player-install

8. Now we will change the virtual hard disk to toe downloaded VHD from Microsoft. So click on „Edit virtual machine settings“.

9. Click on „Add“ and select „Hard Disk“.

vmware player-newVHD

10. Select „Use an existing virtual disk“. Browse to the folder the downloaded VHD is located, you have to change the filter from *.vmdk to *.* to see your VHD. Now you should have to drives in your hardware configuration.

vmware player-2disks

11. Remove the first disk and change the configuration of your new harddrive to the following setting „SCSI 0:0“. You will find that menu point under „Advanced“.

vmware player-diskconfigchange

12. Now you should be finished with the configuration and if everything worked fine you have an installed Windows Server 2012 environment.   vmware player-windowsinstalled

But remember that this system has its limitations, it’s actually licensed just for testing and also has an evaluation period of 180 days.

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